Capital Campaign

Building Something Eternal

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We have a total of $454,078 pledged. God is good! Please continue to mail in your pledge payments.

Many, many thanks to the 131 families who have generously contributed to the Captial Campaign. We would not have been able to meet our goal without your kind help. May God bless you and your family. 

The work on the Church should begin roughly in the Spring of 2024. We thank you, St. Joseph, Patron Saint of our Church, for watching over us. We ask for you to guide the contractors and workers who will be renovating our Church. 

If we should be blessed enough to exceed our fundraising goal, that amount will go toward the parish reserve fund to be used for special projects, Diocesan assessment debt reduction, or operational expenses.


As with everything we do in life, let us first begin with a prayer to our Patron Saint, St. Joseph, and ask for his help in reaching our goal to have a successful Capital- Restoration Campaign.

O St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, we place all our interest and desires in you. O St. Joseph, do assist us by your powerful intercession, and obtain for us from your divine Son all spiritual blessings, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. So that, having engaged here below your heavenly power, we may offer our thanksgiving and homage to the most loving of Fathers. O St. Joseph, we never weary of contemplating you, and Jesus asleep in your arms; We dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press Him close in our name and kiss His fine head for us and ask Him to return the kiss when we draw our dying breath. St. Joseph, Patron of departing souls, pray for us. Amen

Our Church is in need of restoration and with your help, we will be able to make the necessary repairs to it. Currently, our Church has significant water damage in its interior due to leaking and drainage problems.

The aluminum siding, installed in 1968, will be replaced with a modern siding that is both durable and energy-efficient. The vestibule roof will be replaced and the steeple will be re-shingled. Our beautiful stained glass windows will have their trim restored and a protective glaze put on them to protect them from future weather conditions.

Moving inside our Church, the tabernacle has been relocated to the center of the sanctuary, directly under the large crucifix. The Blessed Sacrament should be in the most prominent and best place in the Church. As you enter our Church, your eyes are drawn to the center of the sanctuary and there you will now see the home of Christ, where He remains in the tabernacle. In its place, under the Divine Mercy image, is a statue of St. Brigid of Ireland, the cornerstone of our Church as well as electric votive candles, which have been ordered, for the parishioners to light a candle for a special intention, someone in need, or for a dearly departed soul.

We give thanks to the local Funeral Homes, Scarponi-Bright, Naughright-Scarponi, Martin Funeral Home, and Wright & Ford for their very generous donations to the Capital Campaign.  Please notice the plaques on both the candle stand and Statue. We also give thanks to the "carpenter" who wishes to remain anonymous and who donated his time and talent to build the stand for the Statue of St. Brigid.