Dee Savare's Retirement

God bless Dee Savare

Retiring after 40 years of dedicated service as the

Director of Sacred Music at St. Joseph Church.

"It has been a blessing to me to have served St. Joseph Parish and our 6 pastors as Music Director over these 40 years. I will be retiring from my position as of November 22. I would like to thank my current choir and all of the talented musicians with whom I  have been so fortunate to work during these many years. The choir has been part of my family, during good times and bad, and they will always have a special place in my heart. St. Joseph's is my home, and although I am leaving my position, I will not be leaving my church. Parishioners of St. Joseph, you are wonderful, caring people and I will pray for all of you often. Thank you for your love and support, both towards our music program and also to me personally throughout the years." 

~Dee Savare

"To all of our faithful parishioners on this occasion of the retirement of our Director of Sacred Music, Dolores (Dee) Savare, No doubt the very talented efforts of Dee have helped to lift up the hearts of many a parishioner and visitor of our parish over the past 40 years of her dedicated service to Christ, His people and our parish community of St. Joseph Church. Also, no doubt that Almighty God will abundantly reward Dee for her faithful commitment to our parish both in this life and in the life to come. Many thanks and much appreciation to Dee as she steps down from the choir loft and into the pew. May God's blessings be with her as she makes this transition." ~Fr. James









"Dee's soul is woven into the very fabric of the community of St. Joseph Church. For 40 years she has led us musically in praise and worship, in the spirit of the holy days, in joyful celebrations of the sacraments and in times of grief and sorrow. Although we will miss her dearly as our Music Director, she remains and will always be a part of us. Dee is a gift from God." ~ God bless, Deacon Tom

"Dee, thank you for helping bring the message of wisdom of Christ to our congregation through all the beautiful music you have played over the years. Through thoughtful planning and sacrifice of your time, you have carried forth the good news of each session through the choir's songs. Your musical direction has lifted the hearts of all of us here at St. Joseph Church, and inspired us to walk more closely with the Lord, and enhanced our ability to fully experience God's presence. Enjoy your richly deserved retirement after blessing us with 40 years of service to the Lord and our Church. God bless." ~ Deacon Steve

"We were trying to get Dee to fill the position of Choir Director and Dee said until Fr. Ewing can find somebody I'll take over temporarily, unbeknownst to her we went to Fr. Ewing and said, 'Stop looking, we got the perfect person!' Dee introduced the keyboard to the Parish, the Advent Service, and has tremendous leadership skills. She also has a very good ear and demanding enough to get it right. I can't think of anyone who I would rather have had as the Choir/Music Director these last 40 years." ~Tom Newman, member of the choir, taken from his presentation on Sunday, Nov. 22.